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Vehicle Accident Instructions

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What to do following a vehicle accident

Stay Calm

  • Check yourself and other involved parties for injuries
  • Ensure the safety of yourself and other involved parties without placing yourself in harm's way.

Call the Police

  • TEI requires law enforcement to be contacted whenever another non-TEI party is involved, regardless of circumstances.
    • Even if the accident is minor, and even if the other party tries to persuade you to just "handle it among yourselves," do not skip this step!
  • After contacting the law enforcement (unless directed otherwise by law enforcement), move the vehicles involved in the accident to a safe place.
  • Turn on your hazard lights.

Call Fleet Manager, Immediate Supervisor, & Safety

  • Always notify the Fleet Manager! He will assist you and lend support.
  • Notify your immediate supervisor.
  • Notify your Safety Representative(s).
    • Any one of the above individuals can make notifications for you. They will tell you during your phone call who they will notify for you.
    • Safety will contact TEI Human Resources.

Secure Eye Witnesses Names & Numbers

  • Collect phone numbers, names, and insurance information about others involved in the accident, including any witnesses
  • If applicable, collect the attending officer's information, including the police report number and information on how to obtain it.
    • Often, they will hand you a business card with this information. Take a photo of it and turn it in with your report.

Safely Take Photos

  • Safely take photos of the scene of the accident, involved vehicles, and property damage
    • If a towing company responds, take a photo of their truck with their company name and contact information and send this to the Fleet Manager immediately.

What NOT to do after a vehicle accident

Never Admit Responsibility

  • Even if you think it might have been your fault, or even partially your fault, you have just been through a stressful incident.
    • Contact Safety or your supervisor if you want to "talk out" your statement or need guidance on how to describe what just happened.
  • Even saying "I'm sorry" to the other party could potentially be misconstrued as an admission of fault.
  • Asking if anyone is injured and in need of help is a good idea.

Never, Ever Leave the Scene

  • Never leave the scene of the accident until you have been instructed to be the attending officer, TEI fleet manager, and/or your supervisor.
    • Particularly when there are injuries, or you could face criminal charges for hit-and-run.
  • If there is property damage and no other vehicles are involved, you must still stay at the scene until the Fleet Manager and your Division Manager speak with you and view your photos.
    • Your Division Manager and/or Fleet Manager will review with Safety.

Do Not Sign Just Any Document

  • Only the attending officer should ask you to complete and sign any document.
  • TEI documents are the only other documents you should sign without first consulting with your Division Manager, Safety Director, or Fleet Manager
    • Do not complete, or sign another company's safety incident report or a customer's report (hard copy or electronic medium)

Social Media

  • Never discuss or post photos of your accident on social media.
    • Only discuss with TEI approved management employees (i.e., Fleet Manager, Division Manager, Safety, etc.)
    • Photos of TEI involved property, and damage caused by TEI property, are prohibited from being shared or posted on any form of social media.

Insurance Companies

  • Only discuss the accident with TEI's insurance company representatives
  • If TEI's insurance company contacts you with questions, requests for photos, information, et.,, get their contact information and relay it to your Division Manager and/or Safety Department so we can assure they are truly our representatives in the matter.
  • Do not talk, or respond in any way, to other involved party's insurance company representatives.
    • If they contact you, immediately report the call, letter, or voicemail to your Division Manager and/or Safety Department.

Photograph Entire Accident Scene

Take multiple, good-quality photographs of the entire accident scene to capture important details such as:

    1. All 4 sides of each involved vehicle, including close-ups of the damage
    2. What are lines-of-sight for each driver as they approached the accident?
    3. Are there independent witnesses and what are their views of the accident?
    4. Are weather conditions a factor? (Rain, sun, fog, snow)
    5. Skid marks? How long?

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